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CMOs from around the globe gather in CMOtalk

"We will unravel the secrets of our world's marketing giants"

Amsterdam, July 1st 2021

CMOtalk is the award-winning marketing podcast and premium platform for CMOs. Following on from the successful CMO-podcast series in the Netherlands, the global edition of the podcast will be launched on July 1st 2021.

CEO and Founder Klaas Weima explains: "I've had the pleasure of interviewing more than 70 Chief Marketing Officers about their vision, strategy and best practices on a wide range of marketing topics. Our audience continues to grow year on year giving us the confidence that we can leverage our digital content to the marketing industry in other countries. I'm excited that we've already been able to snare a number of top executives to contribute to the show".

CMOtalk | The marketing podcast - video trailer

Some of the best marketing leaders appear in the first episodes

The first episodes of the English CMOtalk podcast will feature top marketing leaders, such as Philipp Markmann (CMO Western Europe, L'Oréal Group), Ulrich Klenke (Chief Brand Officer, Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile) and Nicky Claeys (Chief Commercial Officer Europe, Domino’s Pizza).

From Dutch success to global show

CMOtalk first aired in 2016 and has gained a loyal and growing audience ever since. In the podcast, Klaas Weima, CEO and Founder of CMOtalk, interviews prominent CMOs about their point of view on today's marketing landscape. By using a voice-first strategy, listeners really get to know the CMO, both personally and professionally. What makes them tick? What lessons have they learnt? And how will they win in the future?

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For the international show, Adam Fields was brought in as a native-speaking co-host. Where Klaas is a seasoned marketing professional with 20+ years of experience, Adam is a comedian and debate leader who has spent most of his life being baffled by the world of marketing. Together they form an energetic duo that is keen to unravel all the secrets of our world's marketing giants.

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The interviews are published on the AdForum platform, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn. All news about the podcasts and the CMO network will be shared on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Favicon for E01 | Philipp Markmann (L'Oréal Group) on digitization by CMOtalk
Favicon for E02 | Ulrich Klenke (Deutsche Telekom) on brand equity by CMOtalk
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Note to editors

In recent years CMOtalk has become the most qualitative CMO network in the Netherlands. With its award-winning marketing podcast and exclusive events, it is a household name in the marketing world. CMOtalk offers a high-quality knowledge and learning platform for CMOs from leading companies.

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