Santa hires creative agency Energize to deliver presents to Shanghai’s ad folks

Ad folks in for a treat delivered in a ‘Santa Van’ covered with 600 socks and 300 lights

On behalf of the one and only Santa, creative agency Energize treats Shanghai’s advertising folks to a personalized Christmas stocking, delivered in a ‘Santa Van’ covered with 600 socks and 300 lights.

Partially motivated by logistical problems caused by drunk elves and an ill-planned reindeer vacation, Santa Claus turned to Shanghai based creative advertising agency Energize. In a cheerful but chaotic introduction meeting, Santa Claus entrusted Energize with his most important campaign: spreading Christmas cheer in the Shanghai advertising world.

After a creative process fuelled by eggnog, chocolate and other treats, the sugar fuelled Energize creative team came up with a concept that involved 600 socks, 300 lights, a deer head (fake, don’t worry), insane amounts of adhesive tape and large quantities of candy.

The strategic base for this campaign is “sharing”. True sharing, based on the notion that if you give, you always get something back; a value Santa and Energize strongly believe in. Earned attention, Energize calls it.

Over the next few days, advertising heads in Shanghai will receive a personalized Christmas stocking filled with candy. A remarkable gift, delivered in an equally remarkable vehicle.

For a peek behind the scenes of this mildly bizarre project, please visit:

We wish you a happy Christmas and a very creative 2013! And Santa told us to say “Ho!”. So “Ho!”.


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