Future bankers write children’s book through Facebook campaign from ING Careers

16 students read their own submissions in a book about financial questions from children

ING is looking for a new generation of bankers who want to build a financially healthy future. To achieve this, the bank started an international Facebook campaign through which business graduates were challenged to explain complex financial issues to children. The closing piece of the campaign is the release of a unique children’s book, based on the most inspiring submissions.

In the book, 9 year old Curious Little Leo is looking for answers to questions like ‘what happens to my money after I bring it to the bank?’ and ‘why do we need banks?’. Earlier, a group of children asked these questions to potential bankers through an international Facebook campaign. Their challenge was to give clear and transparent answers to these clients of the future, without the help of jargon.

Over 1.500 submissions from 20 different countries were used for the development of the children’s book. The story sees Curious Little Leo and Mr. Bank grow closer together through an open dialogue. The underlying message of the book is that you should never stop asking ‘the best question in the history of all questions ever asked’, which is: ‘Why?’.

With this campaign, ING wants to establish their role as an employer for talented people looking to achieve more then material satisfaction in their career. The 16 participants with the most inspiring answers received a copy of the book, together with a personal recommendation from Koos Timmermans, Vice Chairman of ING Bank. Furthermore, anyone can download the book for free on tablet or desktop through www.ing-nextgenerationbanking.com/book.

CEMS and AIESEC, the world’s largest student organizations focussing on the development of leadership qualities, both played an integral role in reaching and involving the target audience.



Client: ING Careers,Wenka Booij

Agency ENERGIZE Amsterdam

Illustrations: Rhonald Blommestijn (artbox)

"It was quite a challenge to create a coherent and entertaining children’s book from all those answers. From the beginning, we worked closely with Rhonald Blommestijn. As an illustrator for the financial press, he is familiar with this subject. Together we came up with the idea to let a boy and a bank visually grow closer to each other. Indeed, one of the submitted answers already was about a so called ‘Mr. Bank’, so that became our character. Mr. Bank was quite formal in the beginning, but got more human through the dialogue with the boy that, like every child, always asks the most sincere question: ‘Why?’." Jesse Ridder, creative at Energize
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