Spectacle lenses manufacturer HOYA presents reversed VR

Energize develops the new B2B campaign for HOYA Vision Care and inspires people to see the world from a different angle.

A life without barriers? HOYA, which manufactures products including spectacle lenses, specialises in producing lenses that are so thin and light people hardly notice they are wearing glasses. As a result you can have an almost unlimited view of the world and literally look around 360º without barriers. This insight was the springboard for the creation of the campaign and the visual language that in many ways resembles the shape of the eye. The visual language also stands at the basis of other communications for HOYA that we use to let viewers experience the everyday beauty of the world around them. The brand film and the communications are aimed primarily at opticians and optometrists Europe-wide and will also be incorporated into the product brochures, in-store materials and DM.

The campaign has been developed in association with Made.For.Digital director Tom Titulaer and photographer Alek Bruessing. Many challenges had to be overcome in order to be able to use the new ‘Tiny Planets’ technology in high resolution. This technology, which is actually reversed VR, is used occasionally, but rarely in this exceptionally high quality. And this top quality is naturally essential for a spectacle lenses manufacturer. A number of different cameras were used especially for the production of the film so it could be montaged image by image to create the full 360˚. The technological challenge consequently lay in the final montage.

About Hoya:

HOYA was founded in Japan in 1941 and originally focused primarily on producing crystal for household use. The company later expanded its portfolio to become a med-tech company with global reach. HOYA is a global med-tech company and leading supplier of innovative optical and medical products. Through its activities in the Life Care and Information Technology divisions, HOYA produces spectacle lenses, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, optical lenses and key components for semiconductors, LCD panels and HDDs.

The Life Care division has, in particular, grown considerably in recent years. HOYA Vision Care, a division of the Life Care division, is the world’s second largest manufacturer of spectacle lenses and the company is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Client: HOYA Vision Care EMEA

Responsible at client: Sevina Stapert, Marijn de Winter

Agency: Energize Amsterdam

Photography: Alek Bruessing

Creative imaging: Rutger Luijs - Luminous

RTV: Erika Vocking- iamerika

Director: Tom Titulaer, Made for Digital

D.O.P.: Thomas Leermakers, Made for Digital

Editor: Cas de Brouwer, Made for Digital

Sound: Mark van der Male, HaaiFaaiDeluxe

Grading: Storm Postproductie

"With the 'Tiny Planet' technique we were able to show the absolute quality of the HOYA products. In addition, the visual style refers to the shape of an eye: an art-directional gift." Robin Pas - Creative Director/ Partner Energize
"With the campaign developed by Energize we are able to bring the brand closer to the Eye Care Professionals. Previously, our focus was mainly on our products and services and is now much more focussed on the added value for the users. " Sevina Stapert - MarCom Manager EMEA Hoya Vision Care
About Energize

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